Location & Facilities

LSKY – Inflight Catering, Aircraft Cleaning & Logistics
Rua Fernando Namora, nº AZ, LSKY Building - 2685-388 Prior Velho - PORTUGAL
Tel.: +351 21 00 404 30 • Fax: +351 21 00 404 51  51 • E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

LSKY provides inflight catering, aircraft cleaning, logistic services and support to all operators using Lisbon, Cascais and Beja Airports. The company´s industrial facilities are located at a short walking distance from Lisbon International Airport. This ensures a quick and efficient turn-around of customer's aircraft. (access map here)

LSKY’s state-of-the-art kitchen is designed to handle thousands of meals per day. Hygiene is a crucial factor for any catering company, completely assured through a thorough separation of processes. To ensure that the cold chain is maintained, the temperature in working areas never exceeds 15 degrees centigrade. Modern technology and detailed procedures ensure that quality and safety standards remain high. An integrated manufacturing information system brings it all together, allowing for faster decision making and the highest service standards to our customers

LSKY Building:
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